All our plugins are WooCommerce 3.1 & WordPress 4.8 & WPML compatible!

If you find any bugs or enhancements in this script get in touch with a clear description of the problem so we can fix it. We do not support modifications!


The following things are required to run this script:

  • PHP 5.4.0+
  • MySQL 5+
  • Apache
  • WordPress 3.8+
  • WooCommerce 2.0+
  • Redux Framework Plugin


  1. Installation
  2. Create a Buying Guide
  3. Global Settings
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Changelog


1. Upload the ZIP via the wordpress backend

  • Log into your website backend /wp-admin/
  • Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Install Redux Framework Plugin
  • Go to Plugins -> Install -> Upload Plugin
  • Select the ZIP file and upload it
  • Active it and that’s it!

2. Upload it via FTP

  • Log into your webserver via FTP
  • Unzip the file on your PC
  • Upload the extracted folder to /wp-content/plugins/
  • Go into your backend and activate the Plugin
  • Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Install Redux Framework Plugin
  • Done

General Information

When you have installed the plugin you will see different settings in the left sidebar.

  • Buying Guides
  • New Buying Guide
  • Categories
  • Settings
Buying Guide Menu

All Buying Guides

The menu option Buying Guides shows you an overview of all your buying guides.

Buying Guide Overview

Creating a Buying Guide

When you create a buying guide you have to go through the following steps

Step 1 – Setup General Information

  • Set a Name
  • Set a Description
  • Assign it to a product category (right sidebar)
Create step 1

Step 2 – Messages & Styles

  • Set custom success message
  • Set custom error (no products found) message
  • Set a Style (Text, Image or Modal)
  • Position of the Buying Guide
Create step 2

The Styles

Each Buying Guide can be configured with a different style.
Either as plain text, as an Image or as a Modal.

Image Style
Modal Style
Text Style

Step 3 – Questions & Choices

  • Create a question (add an intro text & tooltip if you want)
  • Create the choices
    • Choice
    • Matching products
      (!important, because in the end an intersection of all choices will be made!)
    • An Icon (replaces the normal radio button)
    • A tooltip
Create step 3

Buying Guide Settings

Some global settings can be found in the settings menu.

General Settings

  • Enable the plugin
  • Enable Live Filter
    Try live filtering. This may causes some trouble with themes. If so you have to deactivate it.
  • Maximum Questions
    Maximum Questions per Buying Guide. The lesser
  • Maximum Choices
    Maximum Choices per Buying Guide. The lesser, the more performance!
  • Show in parent Cats
    Show Buying Guides automatically in the parent categories.
General Settings

Style Settings

  • Accent Background color
    E.g. used for modal Background
  • Accent Text color
    E.g. used for Modal text color
Style Settings

Advanced Settings

  • Add some custom CSS
  • Do not load Bootstrap
Advanced Settings


How are the products output?

The plugin creates an intersection of the products, that were assigned to every choices. For example:

  • Choice 1 contains Product 1 & Product 2
  • Choice 2 contains Product 1
  • Output = Product 1

I found a bug / got an error

Please make a comment on codecanyon. We will take care asap!


# Changelog
- FIX: Set page in query for non live filtering

- FIX: Pagination not correct due to product category query counting buying guides

- NEW: Option to remove pagination from product category pages (to use live filtering)
- NEW: Without live filtering the start again button links to the category page to show all products again
- FIX: Buying guide not redirecting to correctly when on a paged product category 

- NEW: Show choices made after completing the buying guide (check Buying Guide > Choice Made (yes/no))
- FIX: Progess bar set to 0 width after buying guide restart
- FIX: Breadcrumb start again - 1. not active 

- NEW: Show a Skip Choice for each new question (buying guide > question X > skip choice)
       Skipping a choice means, that all products from the choices will be taken over to the next question
- NEW: Set a custom skip choice text
- FIX: HTML choice id container
- FIX: Undefined index in public
- FIX: Undefined index: type in Meta Boxes plugin

- NEW: Show breadcrumb in progress bar
- NEW: Live filtering after a choice was made
- FIX: Meta Box order not correct when setting max choices / questions
- FIX: Max-Height for product selection to not break choice boxes in backend 
- FIX: Implode Error check

- NEW: 	Show product ID in Buying Guide product selection
- NEW: 	Create choices automatically by woocommerce attributes
		no need to create choices and product assignments manually
- FIX:	Do not load bootstrap activated by default
- FIX:	Max Choices do not display
- FIX:	Buying Guides should not be public - they have to be assigned 
		to a product category and appear automatically

- Inital release

- Show Selected Choices in the end
- Depending Questions
- Go Step back
- Show Likely Matches