All our plugins are WooCommerce 3.1 & WordPress 4.8 & WPML compatible!

If you find any bugs or enhancements in this script get in touch with a clear description of the problem so we can fix it. We do not support modifications!


The following things are required to run this script:

  • PHP 5.2.0+
  • MySQL 5+
  • Apache
  • optional WordPress 2.0+
  • WordPress 3.8+


  1. Installation
  2. Usage
  3. Features
  4. Troubleshooting


1. Upload the ZIP via the wordpress backend

  • Log into your website backend /wp-admin/
  • Go to Plugins -> Install -> Upload Plugin
  • Select the ZIP file and upload it
  • Active it and that’s it!

2. Upload it via FTP

  • Log into your webserver via FTP
  • Unzip the file on your PC
  • Upload the extracted folder to /wp-content/plugins/
  • Go into your backend and activate the Plugin

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To place the store locator just create a new page and insert the following shortcode: [ wordpress_store_locator ]

For our plugin you will need a fully working Google API Key. A tutorial on how to get it, can be found here:
You need to make sure, that inside the Google Consoel the following options are activated:

  • Allow your domain to access the key
  • Enable: Google Places API Web Service
  • Enable: Google Maps JavaScript
  • Enable: Google Maps Geocoding


Settings Panel

Where can I find the Store Locator settings?

You can find the everything inside your Admin Panel inside Store Locator -> Setting

General Settings

In the General settings are you have the following options:

  • Enable:
    Enable Store Locator to use the options below
  • Enter Google Api Key


  • Enable:
    Enables Map.
  • Width (in Columns)
  • Default Latitude
  • Default Longitude
  • Default Map Type
  • Default Map Zoom
  • Distance Unit
  • Default Radius
  • Draw Radius Circle
  • Radius Select Steps
    Split the values by comma.
  • Distance Unit
  • Default Store Icon
  • Default Store Icon on Hover
  • Default User Icon


  • Enable Infowindow
  • Width
  • Details Width (in Columns)
  • Image Width (in Columns)
  • Opening Hours Width (in Columns)

Result List

  • Enable Result List
  • Position
  • Width (in Columns)
  • No Results Text
  • Maximum Results
  • Show Result List Icon
  • Result List Icon
  • Result List Icon Size
  • Result List Icon Color

Search Box

  • Enable Search Box
  • Enable Auto Geolocation
  • Save Auto Geolocation in Cookie?
  • Enable Autocomplete
  • Position
  • Width (in Columns)

Loading Screen

  • Loading
  • Loading Settings
  • Loading Icon
  • Loading Animation
  • Loading Icon Size
  • Loading Icon Color
  • Overlay Color
  • Overlay Transparency

Data to Show

  • Show Name
  • Show Description
  • Show Street
  • Show City
  • Show Country
  • Show Website and it’s Text
  • Show Email and it’s Text
  • Show Telephone and it’s Text
  • Show Mobile Phone and it’s Text
  • Show Fax and it’s Text
  • Show Opening Hours
  • Opening Hours Text, Clock Text and the Weekday text
  • Opening Hours Clock Text
  • Show Stores Categories
  • Show Stores Filter
  • Show Active Filter
  • Show Filter
  • Show Get Direction and it’s Text
  • Show Call Now and it’s Text
  • Show Visit Website and it’s Text
  • Show Write Email and it’s Text
  • Show Image
  • Image Dimensions


This settings belong to the button on the product page.

  • Enable
  • Button Text
  • Button Position
  • Button Action
  • Store locator Title
  • Modal Code Position
  • Modal size


You can add some defaults when adding stores.

  • Defaults
  • Default Address 1
  • Default Address 2
  • Default ZIP
  • Default City
  • Default Region
  • Default Country
  • Default Telephone
  • Default Mobile
  • Default Fax
  • Default Email
  • Default Website
  • Default Open (Mo – Fr)
  • Default Close (Mo – Fr)

Advanced Settings

Custom stylesheet / javascript.

  • Custom CSS:
    Add some stylesheet if you want.
  • Custom JS:
    Add some javascript if you want.

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Where can I find the Store Locator settings?

You can find the everything inside your Admin Panel in Store Locator -> Settings

I always get a Google Maps error (GEOCODE)

Please make sure you have setup your API Key correctly in the Google Console:

  • Allow your domain to access the key
  • Enable: Google Places API Web Service
  • Enable: Google Maps JavaScript
  • Enable: Google Maps Geocoding

How can I remove the maps padding?

Just add the following code inside advanced settings > custom CSS:

#store_modal .modal-body {
	padding: 0px;

.store_locator_sidebar_content {
	padding: 15px 0px 15px 15px;

@media(max-width: 768px) {
	.store_locator_sidebar_content {
		padding-right: 15px;

How can I increase the width of the Map?

Here for e.g. it uses a 80% width. Just add the following code inside advanced settings > custom CSS:

#store_modal .modal-lg {
	width: 80%;

@media(max-width: 768px) {
	#store_modal .modal-lg {
		width: auto;

How do I output the store locator functionality to the front-end?

Please use this Shortcode: [ wordpress_store_locator ]

I found a bug / got an error

Please make a comment on codecanyon. We will take care asap!


# Changelog
- NEW: Set a custom map icon for a single store
- NEW: Logic for Icons:
		1. If a custom icon on single store is set -> take this
		2. If a custom category icon is set:
		2.1. If a store is only in one category -> take this icon
		2.2. If a store has multiple icons, the icon only changes when a category has been choosen in frontend
		3. If no store / category icon is set -> take the default Icon
- NEW: Improved editing layout in backend
- FIX: Export files are corrupt

- NEW: Add a custom Icon for store categories
- NEW: Added store categories & filter information on single store page
- FIX: Removed icon from json to increase speed

- FIX: undefined index in public.php file for meta boxes request

- FIX: Default Country
- FIX: Import of new stores

- NEW: Sort by distance or alphabetically (settings > result list > sort by)
- NEW: Try updating stores during import (updating process is checked by store name)
- FIX: Store categories / filters are now sorted alphabetically ASC

- NEW: Import Store Opening Hours
- NEW: Export Opening Hours
- NEW: Slightly settings panel improvements

- FIX: DB Prepare statement

- NEW: Set a default store category to be active (Settings > Search Box > Default filter category)
- NEW: Description now also shows up in result list
- FIX: Description will now be exported correctly
- FIX: Description does not show up when no email was set up

- NEW:  When importing stores with no Latitute / Longitute (lat / lng) the system will try to fetch the data from Google Reverse Maps
		You will need to set a extra server side API Key this on the settings panel
- FIX: Result list height in the Modal

- NEW:  Use custom Map Styling (e.g. from OR
		See settings -> Maps -> Styling
- NEW:  Select what happens when a user clicks on the stores name in the result list
		See settings -> Result list -> Link Action

- NEW: Automatically extend the map if no stores are found
- NEW: Excel files are now .xlsx (for Excel 2007 and higher), but you can still switch to Excel 5 if preferred
- NEW: Hide search Active filter
- NEW: Hide search Filters completley
- NEW: Hide search Title
- FIX: Hardcoded some CSS settings

- FIX: CSS bug border-box-size

- NEW: Autocomplete country restriction: restricts the users search only within a specific country
- NEW: Autocomplete type restriction. Only return city or zip code, but never street (specially used in US)
- NEW: Conditional Data loading (e.g. when a store has no email, it will not be ouputted as "undefined")

- NEW: Support for subcategories in Category Dropdown
- FIX: WP-Admin URL for settings buttons

- FIX: No Sidebar autoHeight
- FIX: Map Center position

- FIX: Issue with Sidebar Height
- FIX: Issue with Sidebar position

- FIX: Button does not show up on single product pages
- FIX: Search in this area button styling

- Name change to WordPress Store locator
- !!Important!! Before you upgrade make an export of your stores. Then update and import the exported stores. 

- NEW: Drag the map and a button appear to do a search in this area
- NEW: Stores & Categories can now be shown as items:
- NEW: Single Store:
- NEW: Store Category:
- NEW: Option to hide the get directions link
- NEW: Option to hide the search button
- NEW: Option to set a custom text for the search button
- NEW: Option to hide the result list title
- NEW: Updated Design
- NEW: When set a default position & auto location is disabled it automatically searches there
- NEW: Better Versioning
- FIX: Tel, Email, Web not showing on map
- FIX: Description showed "undefined"

- FIX: Import issue with categories (not appended, but replaced)

- NEW: Enter button now works in search field
- FIX: Description will now be shown
- FIX: Premium icon on all result items
- FIX: Versioning for JS / CSS files

- NEW:  When user declines HTML5 Geolocation or when it is not support, the user will now be 
		located by his IP address using the free service (max. 10.000 requests per hour!)
- FIX: switched the Google Maps "Get Direction" position

- NEW: Code cleanup
- FIX: capability added for the import page

- NEW: Better plugin activation
- FIX: Better advanced settings page (ACE Editor for CSS and JS )
- FIX: array key exists

- FIX: Redux Framework error

- NEW: Import function for XLS-Files
- NEW: Get Sample Import file (dynamically creates categories / filters too)
- NEW: Export function to XLS
- NEW: Delete all stores

- FIX: Google new requires API Key for everything 
- FIX: API Key now also provided in backend

- FIX: error when Meta-Box Plugin was not installed & activated

- NEW: Removed the embedded Redux Framework AND Meta Boxes for update consistency

- FIX: PHP 5.4 compatible errors

- FIX: Remove close button on shortcode pages
- FIX: when hiding active filters also hide the active filter text

- FIX: Bring back the close button 

- Inital release