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Attribute Images

Tired of boring Attribute text? With our WooCommerce Attribute Images plugin you can easily transform attributes into images. This also works on products where you use Variations – simply replace the boring Variation Select fields with image swatches.

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Attribute Image Example on Variable product
Attribute Table Images

Transform the product data table into images with ease.

Variation Swatches

Use the same attribute images as variation swatches and get rid of the standard select input fields.

Style with Ease

Set colors, widths and more styling options directly in our plugin settings.

Demo Video

Test before you buy

View our Demo before you buy.

So quick to respond to issues. Also does a great job of considering requests and adding them to the plug-ins if the request is reasonable and improves the value of the plug-in. I have had a super-positive experience with db-dzine!


Works great!


Super fast and excellent support!


Fantastic Documentation Quality


Great Customer Support!