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All our plugins are WooCommerce 3.X, WordPress 4.9 & WPML compatible!

Wishlist Plugin

Customers may shop your Website and want to have products they may not can afford or want to have as a gift from friends from Family. So what can they do? They can create a Wishlist of the products, they want to have. This is what our plugin does – with ease!

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My Wishlist with WooCommerce
Create, Edit & View Wishlists

Every Product of your shop can be added to a wishlist. Own, custom wishlists for logged in Users can be created, edited or even deleted.

Guest Wishlist

Logged out Customers can also create Wishlists – those will be saved as a cookie.

Search for Wishlists

Public Wishlists are searchable for other users, so Customers can get inspiration by other users wishes with ease.


Every Wishlist can have it’s own visibility type. You can set it to Public, Shared or Private – depends on the needs.


Learn how many times a product gets added to a wishlist – our plugin provides in depth statistics about how many times a product was added to a wishlist!

WPML & Cache Support

We only used AJAX Loading for all functionalities – no worries about Caching tools. Also WPML and the latest Woo Version is always supported.

Demo Video

Test before you buy

View our Demo before you buy.

So quick to respond to issues. Also does a great job of considering requests and adding them to the plug-ins if the request is reasonable and improves the value of the plug-in. I have had a super-positive experience with db-dzine!


Works great!


Super fast and excellent support!


Fantastic Documentation Quality


Great Customer Support!